Technical Information



Width: 12.2 metres, including wings.
Depth: 8.5m from front of apron to rear wall.
Prosc arch opening: 7.16m wide by 3.88m high.
The thrust stage extends 3m in front the prosc arch, which can be divided from the rear using our manual Blue FOH tabs.

A Canford talkback station is located at either side of the stage, linked to the control box, together with a video monitor fed from a camera located at the rear of the auditorium. 

The stage is standard a Black box arrangment with black legs and borders. A 4m wide projection screen can be lowered from behind the prosc arch, or the white CYC wall can be used in conjunction with the front facing NEC projector. 



A pre-wired lighting grid is installed across the entire roof of The Sinden allowing complete flexibility.
Contact for a rig plan.

A Zero88 'Solution' desk allows up to 48 DMX channels, 35 of these being on the pre-wired bars with one channel dedicated to the house lights. Due to the nature of the theatres electrics some sockets are powered from dimmers located on stage, but most from dimmers located in a room off the rear of the auditorium. 4x 4way portable dimmer packs can also be used in certain situations for floor and wall mounted lamps.

A good selection of luminaries are held in stock including the below lamps:
650w Allclaim Fresnels
1000w Allciam Fresnels

Source 4 Jnr Zooms
650w Profiles

8x Litecraft LED Par 64’s 
8x Par 64's
1200w follow-spot 
6x Birdies

A professional standard Antari Haze machine, smoke machine and a Low Fogger are available to add visual lighting effects, along with various gobos and a 50cm mirror ball, including motor.



The Sinden is equipped with a Presonus Studio live 32 channel Digital Desk.

The Sinden is covered by a six-speaker system;

A Trantec S5.3 Radio Mic system;

2x Chevin A1000 Amplifier;
2 x 600W Amplifiers

1x Chevin A5003 Amplifier;
2 x 2500W Amplifier

5x Outline Omnia Plus;
250w speakers - 2x Front, 1x Center fill, 2 x Rear fill delay

1x Outline Topsub Plus;
2 x 700W bass-bin

A DBX duel 31-Band graphic equalizer

8x Channel 38 licensed Receivers

PSU & ADU distribution

Remote Antennas

4x S5.3 Handhelds

8x S5.3 Belt packs

Various Trantec & Stagline headsets

Custom made Belt pack holders

A small selection of passive and active foldback speakers can be used in conjunction with the PA.

16 XLR channels, 4 Speak-on, and 2 Video tie lines run between the stage and control area.  

MiniMac with QLAB, CD, minidisc and cassette (!) are all available as play-in sources, as well as a dedicated PC which offers a library of music for audience play-in and general FX.

A Behringer digital FX unit and two Samson 4 channel compressors are also availble for use.

A small selection of cabled mics are available together with a range of cables, stands, boom arms etc.  A mic above the stage feeds both the induction-loop system and show relay to the dressing rooms.



The Sinden is licensed for a maximum 290,  210 being accommodated on our retractable tiered seating.

The theatre is equipped with a Sennheiser infra-red induction loop system for the hearing-impaired.
There are facility boxes with tie lines for XLR, Speak-on, video and DMX lighting control on either side of the stage and at either side in the middle of the auditorium.

In addition a facility box located at the front of the auditorium allows the use of a laptop computer, with audio, to remotely feed the video projector for presentations and films. The Sinden has a lectern with microphone, LED lamp and laptop connections for use in meetings and seminars.